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In writing about the body St. Paul writes in First Corinthians 12:26:   If one member is honored, all the members share its joy.

It is within this context that we sponsor our Parish’s Service Award Program each year.

By recognizing the contributions of parishioners who generously share their time, talent and treasure, we also recognize the contributions of all members.  Our Parish Service Awards Program is part of our stewardship renewal effort.

Each parishioner is invited to nominate fellow parishioners for these awards and indicate the reason(s) why you believe they should receive an award.  Your nominations and reason(s) will assist the Parish Council in discerning the recipient of each award.  Nominations will be conducted in pew at Mass in early September.

We congratulate those who have received our Parish Service Awards:

Long Time Service Award

In thanksgiving for a parishioner who has given service to St. Edward Catholic Church for many years past and present.

2016 - Jacquelyn Browning

2015 - Gertrude Landry

2014 - Bob & Sandy Stoss

2013 - Billy Browning

2012 - Dorothy Mooney

2011 - Tom Boland

2010 - Helen Conway

2009 - John Schreiber

2008 - Cecilia "Sis" Gasser (in memoriam)

A Caring Heart Award

In thanksgiving for a parishioner(s) who has given service to St. Edward Catholic Church;  who lends a hand in times of need;  who puts others needs before their own;  who takes time to listen;  who rallies around a cause and reaches out to make a difference.

2016 - David & Paulette Klein

2015 - Dan & Gail Westhoff

2014 - Nancy Furnish & John Williams

2013 - Fran Midden

2012 - Mary Ann Perraut

2011 - Ruth Box (in memoriam)

2010 - Mary Grable

2009 - Helen Whitaker

2008 - Flossie Gasser