Bereavement Committee

The Bereavement Committee                                                                                     

At Saint Edward Catholic Church the Bereavement Committee assists families and friends of departed loved ones by providing hospitality after the Funeral Liturgy.  In this way, our parishioners assist in the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.  Members of the committee can assist with the following tasks:

- Provide food preparation.

- Provide home care for children, the elderly and the handicapped.

- Assist with reception, serving and cleaning up.

These services are provided by your fellow parishioners at no additional cost.


List of Bereavement Committee Coordinators

January & February - Mary Grable & Teresa Hargett

March & April - Lois Judy & Helen Whitaker

May & June - Mickie Browning, Junie Vallandingham, & Nicole Gribble

July & August - Junie Vallandingham & Beverly Yearsley

September & October - Patti Aldridge & Paulette Klein

November & December - Judy Florence Mary Huellemeler

If you are interested in joining the Bereavement Committee, please contact the Church Office.