Christian Legacy

100 years from now… Would someone reading your Will be able to tell that you were a Christian?

If there is any writing that would indicate what are the most important things in our lives, it most certainly should be our Last Will and Testament.  In it, we would naturally expect to find mentioned those people – family or friends – who for whatever reasons were the most significant people on earth to us.  We would likewise expect to find mentioned any institution or organization that was especially significant or important to us in some way.

For a Christian, it would seem certain that the Church and Her ministries would be on our special list.  If not, something must have gone wrong somewhere, or maybe we just didn’t think about it.  Whatever the case, now would be a good time to think about it.

For information regarding bequests to your parish or school, please contact:

Diocesan office of Stewardship & Mission Services
Catholic Diocese of Covington
P.O. Box 15550
Covington, KY  41015
Phone 1.859.392.1540

In the recent past, St. Edward’s has benefited much by being included in the Last Will and Testament of parishioners.  Unfortunately, these estates have been used for repairs and paying off deficit years.  The result is that our parish has no money in savings.  Please consider leaving your legacy to your parish.


When a loved one dies often times a family will suggest one or more memorials in his/her memory. This is one way of identifying the charitable interests of the deceased or the family.    
Our parish has several ministries which you may wish to consider as memorials:

- Building Fund (assists with building maintenance and future buildings)

- Cemetery (provides support to operate and maintain the cemetery grounds)

- Friends of Saint Edward Tuition Scholarship (provides families with tuition assistance to St. Edward School)

- Mass Intentions (remembers the deceased and special intentions in prayer at Holy Mass)

- Saint  Edward School (provides funds to operate the school)

Please consider this option and talk with your family members about your wishes.  If you have any questions about memorials please contact the Church Office at 859-234-5444.