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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Brinker Hall?

Several years ago our insurance company (Catholic Mutual) restricted who can use parish facilities without carrying their own liability insurance coverage. This has changed the manner in which Brinker Hall can be used. Any parish organization can use all parish facilities without cost or without purchasing liability insurance coverage. 

A family, a corporation, an employer who wishes to use Brinker Hall for a reunion, party or meeting must obtain a certificate of liability coverage. This is paid for by the “renter.” It can be purchased from your own home owner’s policy at an additional cost. The church will need a copy of this certificate. This insurance coverage ensures that if any damage occurs while the hall is being used by the renter the parish is covered for the damage. In other words our insurance policy does not cover such damage.

This procedure is mandated by the diocese. It is not something we came up with on our own. In fact all parishes use this same policy or at least they are supposed to.

Brinker Hall is open to all renters for a charge of $50 and a $25 fee for clean up (if not cleaned up). The renter must have a certificate of liability coverage.

If you have any questions about using the hall call the church office at 234-5444. 

St. Edward’s Knights of Columbus is not a parish organization, unlike the Altar Society, the Alumni Association, the Bereavement Committee, or the Parents Club.

Since the K of C (as with individual parishioners) is not a parish organization/event they (and individual parishioners) are required to obtain a certificate of liability coverage each and every time they use the hall.

The exception to this is when they co-sponsor an event with a parish organization. The Parents Club, a parish organization, co-sponsored the Fish Fry in conjunction with the K of C. Therefore the K of C does not need additional liability coverage.

Another example: the Bereavement Committee (a parish organization) began sponsoring luncheons for families after a funeral. It is at the request of the family that the luncheon is held; BUT it is sponsored and hosted by the Bereavement Committee, a parish organization. Therefore the event is not a “family” event it is a Bereavement Committee event.