Weekly Reflections

Sept. 11, 2022

Beloved Mother, so stricken with grief, help us to bear our own suffering with courage and love so that we may relieve your Sorrowful Heart and that of Jesus. In
doing so, may we give glory to God Who gave you and Jesus to humanity. As you suffered, teach us to suffer silently and patiently.

Devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows became a standard devotion in the Church around the 14th century. It was revealed to St. Bridget of Sweden (1303–1373) that devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary's Seven Sorrows would bring great signal graces.

The Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows on September 15, the day after the feast of the Holy Cross to show the close connection between Jesus' Passion and Mary's Sorrows. 

What is a prayer of sorrow? Here is an example: Oh My God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, Who art all good and deserving of all my love.

Sept. 4, 2022
I would like to thank those people who helped to make last Sunday’s Commissioning such a success. Thank you to the Parish Council Members: Sheila Ingram; Bob Stoss; Tim Depew; Adriana Haas; Linda Mattmiller; Darlene Kimbrough; Linda Furnish, Nicolette Mallory; Stan Lemons and Mary Grable. The Board of Catholic Education: Kayleigh Evans; Mary Grable; Gaye Noble; Sherri Sowder; Sheila Ingram; Kylie Walton; Lisa Wright; and Jennifer Owen. The Finance Committee: Stan Lemons; Tim Depew; Mike Brooks; Jim Ingram; Steve Cropper and Jordin Tolle.

A very SPECIAL THANKS to the Spirit Sisters for the wonderful brunch following the Commissioning. They did an outstanding job!!

I want to welcome Jordin Tolle to the role of Parish Business Manager. She will be replacing Kayleigh Evans, who will still help with the transition period. 

Our Maintenance Committee: Mike Brooks; Dennis Witajewski, Mark Perraut; Jodie Whitaker; Adam Gasser; and Robert Hon are planning a walk through the grounds on Sept. 20th to see what needs attention. Anyone wishing to join this group, please contact one of the members or myself. God Bless, Fr. Niby.

Week of August 28, 2022
John the Baptist spoke the truth with great courage in calling others to a true change of heart, and to embrace the ways of God. He did this not only by preaching, but also by example. He fasted in the desert, and prepared the way for Jesus.

John the Baptist role was to prepare the people for the coming of the Messiah. He did this through telling people to repent as the Kingdom of Heaven was near. Baptism was a Jewish ritual– people were totally immersed in water to symbolize cleansing.  

John taught the basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He taught the people about justice, mercy, honesty, morality, fasting, prayer, repentance and confession of sins, baptism by immersion, resurrection, and the Judgment (see Matthew 3; Luke 3). 

John was known as “the Baptist” because he called on his followers to go through a ceremony of baptism to demonstrate their repentance for their sins; Jesus began his public life by submitting himself to John's baptism. 
Week of August 21, 2022

Pope Pius XII established this feast in 1954. But Mary’s queenship has roots in Scripture. At the Annunciation, Gabriel announced that Mary’s Son would receive the throne of David and rule forever. At the Visitation, Elizabeth calls Mary “mother of my Lord.” As in all the mysteries of Mary’s life, she is closely associated with Jesus: Her queenship is a share in Jesus’ kingship. We can also recall that in the Old Testament the mother of the king has great influence in court. 
In the fourth century, Saint Ephrem called Mary “Lady” and “Queen.” Later, Church fathers and doctors continued to use the title. Hymns of the 11th to 13th centuries address Mary as queen: “Hail, Holy Queen,” “Hail, Queen of Heaven,” “Queen of Heaven.” The Dominican rosary and the Franciscan crown as well as numerous invocations in Mary’s litany celebrate her queenship.

The feast is a logical follow-up to the Assumption, and is now celebrated on the octave day of that feast. In his 1954 encyclical To the Queen of Heaven, Pius XII points out that Mary deserves the title because she is Mother of God, because she is closely associated as the New Eve with Jesus’ redemptive work, because of her preeminent perfection, and because of her intercessory power.
Week of August 14, 2022
The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary 

Assumption Day commemorates the belief that when Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, died, her body was "assumed" into heaven to be reunited with her soul, instead of going through the natural process of physical decay upon death.
In the light of a long history of Christian belief since patristic times, in 1950, Pope Pius XII defined Mary's Assumption into Heaven as a dogma of Roman Catholicism: "the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heaven. The
Feast of the Assumption is one of the most important feast days of the year and a Holy Day of Obligation on the official Roman Catholic Church calendar. By
tradition, the holy day is observed every August 15th. This year it is not a holy day of obligation in our diocese.
Week of August 7, 2022
St. Dominic, Priest 

St. Dominic, a priest of the Spanish diocese of Osma, accompanied his bishop on a preaching mission among the Albigensian heretics of southern France, where he founded a convent at Prouille in 1206, partly for his converts, which was served by a community of preachers. 

Dominic prayed for divine mercy for everyone. He would look upon the crucifix, gazing intently on Christ on the Cross, kneeling down, then getting up, over and over again. Sometimes he could not contain his voice, saying, "To you Lord, will I cry, do not turn away from me in silence . .. " (Psalm 27:1). Dominic was a baby his godmother saw a star on his forehead during the baptism, so another common attribute is a star either on the forehead or above the head.

 Rosary - St. Dominic also often carries a rosary, which a legend starting in the 15th century claimed had been given him by the Virgin Mary. According to a Dominican tradition, in 1208 the rosary was given to St. Dominic in an apparition by the Blessed Virgin Mary in the church of Prouille. This Marian apparition received the title of Our Lady of the Rosary. Legend tells us that the Rosary as a form of prayer, was given to St. Dominic (1170-1221) by Mary, the Mother of Our Lord. 
Week of July 31, 2022
 Fourth Luminous Mystery Prayed on Thursdays
About a week after Jesus plainly told His disciples that He would suffer, be killed, and be raised to life (Luke 9:22), He took Peter, James, and John up a mountain to pray. While praying, His personal appearance was changed into a glorified form, and His clothing became dazzling white. Moses and Elijah appeared and talked with Jesus about His death that would soon take place. Peter, not knowing what he was saying and being very fearful, offered to put up three shelters for them. This is undoubtedly a reference to the booths that were used to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, when the Israelites dwelt in booths for 7 days (Lev. 23:34–42). Peter
was expressing a wish to stay in that place. When a cloud enveloped them, a voice said, “This is My Son, whom I have chosen, whom I love; listen to Him!” The cloud lifted, Moses and Elijah had disappeared, and Jesus was alone with His disciples who were still very much afraid. Jesus warned them not to tell anyone what they had seen until after His resurrection. The three accounts of this event are found in Matthew 17:1-8, Mark 9:2-8, and Luke 9:28-36.
Undoubtedly, the purpose of the transfiguration of Christ into at least a part of His heavenly glory was so that the “inner circle” of His disciples could gain a greater understanding of who Jesus was. Christ underwent a dramatic change in appearance in order that the disciples could behold Him in His glory. The disciples, who had only known Him in His human body, now had a greater realization of the deity of Christ, though they could not fully comprehend it. That gave them the reassurance they needed after hearing the shocking news of His coming death.
Symbolically, the appearance of Moses and Elijah represented the Law and the Prophets. But God’s voice from heaven – “Listen to Him!” - clearly showed that the Law and the Prophets must give way to Jesus. The One who is the new and living way is replacing the old – He is the fulfillment of the Law and the countless prophecies in the Old Testament. Also, in His glorified form they saw a preview of His coming glorification and enthronement as King of kings and Lord of lords.
The disciples never forgot what happened that day on the mountain and no doubt this was intended. John wrote in his gospel, “We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only” (John 1:14). Peter also wrote of it, “We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty. For He received honor and glory from God the Father when the voice came to Him from the Majestic Glory, saying, ‘This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.’ We ourselves heard this voice that came from heaven when we were with Him on the sacred mountain” (2 Peter 1:16-18). Those who witnessed the transfiguration bore witness to it to the other disciples and to countless millions down through the centuries. 
Week of July 24, 2022

St. Peter Chrysologus (Feastday July 30), Bishop and Doctor of the Church
He is revered as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church; he was declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict XIII in 1729.
A man who vigorously pursues a goal may produce results far beyond his expectations and his intentions. Thus it was with Peter ”of the Golden Words”, as he was called, who as a young man became bishop of Ravenna, the capital of the empire in the West.

At the time there were abuses and vestiges of paganism evident in his diocese, and these Peter was determined to battle and overcome. His principal weapon was the short sermon, and many of them have come down to us. They do not contain great originality of thought. They are, however, full of moral applications, sound in doctrine, and historically significant in that they reveal Christian life in fifth century Ravenna. So authentic were the contents of his sermons that some 13 centuries later, he was declared a doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict XIII. He who had earnestly sought to teach and motivate his own flock was recognized as a teacher of the universal Church.

In addition to his zeal in the exercise of his office, Peter Chrysologus was distinguished by a fierce loyalty to the Church, not only in its teaching, but in its authority as well. He looked upon learning not as a mere opportunity but as an obligation for all, both as a development of God-given faculties and as a solid support for the worship of God.

Some time before his death around A.D. 450, Peter returned to his birthplace of Imola, in northern Italy. His liturgical feast is celebrated on July 30.

Week of July 17, 2022

St. Brigid of Ireland, Brigid, also spelled Brigit or Bridget, also called Brigid of Kildare or Bride, Irish Bríd, (born, according to tradition, Fochart, near Dundalk County Louth, Ireland—died c. 525, Kildare, Ireland; feast day February 1), virgin and abbess of Kildare, one of the patron saints of Ireland.
Little is known of her life but from legend, myth, and folklore. According to these, she was born of a noble father and a slave mother and was sold along with her mother to a Druid, whom she later converted to Christianity. On being set free, she returned to her father, who tried to marry her to the king of Ulster. Impressed by her piety, the king removed her from parental control. According to the Liber hymnorum (11th century), the Curragh, a plain in Kildare, was granted by the king of Leinster to St. Brigid. At Kildare she founded the first nunnery in Ireland. The community became a double abbey for monks and nuns, with the abbess ranking above the abbot. Her friend St. Conleth, became, at Brigid’s beckoning, bishop of her people. She is said to have been active in founding other communities of nuns.

Brigid’s feast day is observed as far away from Ireland as Australia and New Zealand. In early times she was celebrated in parts of Scotland and England, converted by Celtic churchmen. The church of St. Bride’s, Fleet Street, London, is dedicated to her. ( Saint Bridget is located near the organ and survived the fire of 1965.)
Week of July 10, 2022

The History of Our Lady of Mount Carmel:
The Carmelite Order was the only religious order to be started in the Crusader States. In the 13th century, some of its people migrated west to England, setting up a chapter and being documented there about 1241–1242. A tradition first attested to in the late 14th century says that Saint Simon Stock, believed to be an early English prior general of the Carmelite Order soon after its migration to England, had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary in which she gave him the Brown Scapular.
This formed part of the Carmelite habit after 1287. In Stock's vision, Mary promised that those who died wearing the scapular would be saved. This is a devotional sacramental signifying the wearer's consecration to Mary and affiliation with the Carmelite order. It symbolizes her special protection and calls the wearers to consecrate themselves to her in a special way.

Devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel is bound to the history and spiritual values of the Order of the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel and is expressed through the scapular. Thus, whoever receives the scapular becomes a member of the order and pledges him/herself to live according to its spirituality in accordance with the characteristics of his/her state in life.

**If you would like a Brown Scapular, stop by the office.
July 7, 2022, This letter is from Fr Niby:

Dear Parishioners of Saint Edward,

A friend of mine is fond of saying that when we reach the 4th of July, our summer is half over. Days run into weeks and weeks into months. So where does that leave us? I hope and pray your families are staying healthy and are enjoying these beautiful days.

Let me ask you some questions to think about before the summer passes us by. Is there anything that is standing in the way of you having a better summer? Is there anything bothering you that is preventing you from enjoying the simple pleasures life is offering you? No matter what our age is or what our personal situation might be, I’m sure each of us can admit we have thoughts creating havoc in our heads. I’m far from being an expert on this subject, but I have tried a new attitude and a few new habits these past few months. I will share what I’ve tried and hopefully this will help you as well.

Stay away from bad news! Pray for everyone. Pray for the jobless, the homeless, and those that are unable to feed their children, through no fault of their own. Pray for those on the front lines, whose lives are in jeopardy every day. Stop thinking about yourselves! Life isn’t all about you! Pray and trust in the power of God. Pray that God will make known to you what he wants you to do and gives you the ability to do it.

Do not pray for quick solutions. Do not pray to solve it yourself. Give it to God and let Him work it out. Stop worrying about everything and just give it to God. Let God handle it. Once it’s in His hands there’s no need to worry. Do all that you can do, help as many people that you can. Pray diligently and stay out of God’s way. God knows what He is doing. Put your faith and trust in Him. This seems to help me. I’m sure each of you have daily ways of how you spend time with God. Remember there are no quick fixes and we are not in this alone. God is always with us.

I would like to thank each and every one of you that supported our ice cream social. A special thank you to our chairpersons, Mary Grable, Sherri Sowder and Junie Vallandingham. Also, a very special thank you to our freezing day chairperson, Ann Witajewski. The ice cream social was a great success! Stan Lemons stated that this year’s proceeds were the largest we have made in his lifetime! Thanks to all! Everyone that helped in some way or another helped make this year’s ice cream social successful and I thank you for that. We held an evaluation meeting and received some very good suggestions for improvement for next year’s ice cream social.

Our DPAA goal has been accomplished. Thanks to all who supported our DPAA. If you would still like to make a contribution, please do so ASAP. Our financial year 2021-2022 has ended. I’m proud to say that compared to last years’ totals, we are not in the red! Details will be posted in the bulletin the second week of August. Thank you to the staff for your sacrifice and thanks to the parishioners for your generosity.

You might be wondering what I’m up to in my “spare” time. Recently, I helped a young girl decide whether to follow a religious life or not. I gave spiritual guidance to a couple with some issues in their marriage. I also helped a young person find the correct help for his drug addiction issues. I am so honored that these folks allowed me to be a part of their life’s journey.

To celebrate all our accomplishments and to say “thank you” please join us on July 10, immediately after mass for a Breakfast/Brunch hosted by The Spirit Sisters. Saturday night parishioners please join us as well. Fellowship with your parishioners and enjoy some delicious food.

Ann Witajewski has served as the chairperson for freezing day for 19 years! Let’s all applaud her for a service well done. I want to express a special thanks for her commitment and hard work. Unfortunately, Ann is stepping down from this position. If anyone would like to lead freezing day activities, please contact Mary Grable.

Mrs. Grable has agreed to continue as our principal for the 2022-2023 school year. The staff members and Open House details will be posted in the bulletin. August 11 is opening day. Please pray for Mrs. Grable, our teachers and Teresa Hargett our cafeteria manager. If you know of any children interested in our school, please contact Mrs. Grable.

Ms. Kathy Walton is our parish and school secretary. Let’s give her a warm welcome!

Adriana Haas, our DRE, is finalizing our new RCIA program for this coming year. More details as soon as they are finalized. If you know anyone that wants to learn about The Catholic Faith, please let Adriana know.

Ms. Resa Hersel is updating both our church and school Facebook pages and our church and school webpages on a regular basis. If you are not following our Facebook page please consider doing so and share it with others.

Nancy Zaletta, Right to Life coordinator is working passionately for all the life issues. Please support and participate in the Saint Edward Right to Life ministries.

We will be taking a second collection every month for different causes suggested by the finance council. These collections are primarily for the school, bereavement and for helping the poor. Kayleigh Evans, our business manager, is developing a detailed plan and information will be available when she has a plan in place.

The Parish Council and several parishioners have requested mass in the evening at least once per week. Therefore, mass will be every Tuesday at 6.30 pm. Everyone is welcome! Some may know that due to financial constraints we had to eliminate Saturday night music. When and if our weekly collection improves we will revisit that decision. If anyone would like to sponsor the salary of our music director please contact me.

I will be absent July 12 thru July 22. I am taking a group of people from my previous parishes, to Germany for The Passion Play. Please keep me in your prayers. There will not be weekday mass on those days. If you have any pastoral needs, please contact Kathy Walton, our parish secretary, to assist you with any needs you might have.

In closing, I recently was in the office conversing with the office staff about having back and shoulder pain. The next morning Mrs. Grable brought me a pillow and assured me it would help with my pain. Adriana Haas also brought me Bio-Freeze and told me to use it and the pain would leave immediately. My birth family is so far away. Thank you both for taking care of me as part of your family. Thank you for your care and love. Keep me in your prayers!

God Bless You,
Fr. Niby Kannai

Week of July 3rd, 2022: The Novena to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, July 7-July 15 (Feast Day:July 16)

Oh most beautiful Flower of Mount Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity. (Mention your intention.)

Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me in this that thou art my Mother. Oh holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly beseech thee, from
the bottom of my heart, to help me in this necessity; there are none that can withstand thy power. Oh show me in this that thou art my Mother!

Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. (Repeat this three times)

Sweet Mother, I place this cause in thy hands. (Repeat this three times)


Week of June 26th 2022

Saint Faustina and the Eucharist:

The Church, the body of Christ, brings us Divine Mercy through the grace of the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist. As the Catechism teaches, “The whole liturgical Life of the Church revolves around the Eucharistic sacrifice and the Sacraments.” (CCC, 1113) The Blessed Sacrament is, in fact, “the source And summit of the Christian life.”

Saint Faustina writes in her Diary, ”Oh what awesome mysteries take place during Mass!” (Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, 914). Amazing layers of God’s mercy are hidden in the Mass, the sacrifice that brings us the Holy Eucharist. Saint Faustina continues:

A great mystery is accomplished in the holy Mass. With what great devotion should we listen to and take part in this death of Jesus. One Day we will know what God is doing for us in each Mass, and what sort of gift He is preparing in it for us. Only His divine love could permit that such a gift be provided for us (Diary, 1385).

Jesus desires to give us His love and mercy in the Eucharist. As he tells St. Faustina: My great delight is to unite Myself with souls. Know, My daughter, that when I come to a human heart in Holy Communion, My hands are full of all kinds of graces which I want to give to the soul. But souls do not even pay any attention to Me; they leave Me to Myself and busy themselves with other things.

Oh, how sad I am that souls do not recognize Love! They treat Me as a dead object (Diary, 1385 ). It is not just in the celebration of the Mass that Jesus is present for us physically and fully. Wherever the Eucharist is reserved in the tabernacle of a church, Christ is waiting for us and longing for us to come to Him. This is a great mystery of Divine mercy. As Jesus tells St. Faustina: Behold, for you I have established a throne of mercy on earth—the tabernacle— and from this throne I desire to enter into your heart. I am not surrounded by a retinue or guards. You can come to Me at any moment, at any time; I want to speak to you and desire to grant you grace (Diary, 1485). Jesus tells St. Faustina that He longs for us to visit him in the tabernacle, not for his sake but for ours. This longing born of His love, as He yearns to pour the graces of His merciful Heart into the hearts of those who visit him.


Father's Day, June 19th 2022

Father's day greetings to St. Edward Family,

This morning I got a few Father’s Day greetings! Thanks for allowing me to be your spiritual Father.

On this Father's Day, I wanted to take a few moments to offer some words of encouragement and appreciation to all the Fathers. In a world that continues to attack Fatherhood in so many ways, I want you to know that we honor you and pray for you not only on this day but throughout the year. It seems we are bombarded with television shows and commercials that intend to diminish the role of the Father into someone they are not, especially God-fearing Dads. Our prayers are with you.

We see God give spiritual fathers to his Church again, and again, and again, and because of that, we know that any man can be a spiritual father to his brothers and sisters in Christ. We thank God this Father’s Day for the parental attributes that He uses to shower love on us, His children, and to model for us, as parents and fathers.

To all fathers, thank you for your sacrifices of time and resources. Thank you for loving your children- whatever those children may look like - biological, fostered, or spiritual.

As an encouragement to all the fathers out there - know that your Heavenly Father is the best Father. There is only one perfect father, and I hope that gives you some comfort. The best fathers are the ones who look to God and do their best to emulate Him; to learn to be a good father, get to know your Heavenly Father well.

Father’s Day greetings and blessings!
Fr. Niby Kannai


Week of June 19th, 2022: Eight Things Every Catholic Dad Should Know About Fatherhood

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the gift and importance of Dads throughout the world. It is also a day for each one of us, especially men, to reflect on what it means to be a father, how we are called to live it, and to ask ourselves if we are living in the way that we should. Here are some things to consider and reflect on:

1) Encounter with God the Father: One can’t give what he doesn’t have. Many of us have been blessed with great fathers growing up, but others haven’t. Any man who seeks to be a good father while ignoring God the Father, will inevitably fall short. One must be aware that you aren’t in control of your family, God is. Your leadership and service must be obedience and humility that you lay towards Him. 

2) Conversion: A good father must grow daily in conversion. Any man that abandons his efforts to live a Christian life, abandons the most fundamental testimony that he can give to his children.

3) Man of Prayer. Conversion breaths prayer. Without it, it suffocates. If your schedule is too busy to allow time for prayer, change it.

4) Understanding your True Vocation: For those that are blessed to be married and have children, you must recognize that helping your families get to heaven and being good husbands and fathers is your real vocation.

5) Presence not Presents: Presence is “being with” and “being for”. This implies that you invest serious time with your family - in quantity and quality. Take a moment to marvel at who they are and who they are becoming.  Look them in the eye, listen to them. Showering them with presents and fancy gifts is a poor substitute for face-to-face time; in fact, it isn’t a substitute at all.

6) Courage: Have the courage to love according to the truth. The truth is that life isn’t easy and neither is being a good Catholic. Have the courage to correct, to teach, to demand, and to challenge. 

7) Love your Wife: Men, you must love and cherish your wives, plain and simple. Your children will learn to love others by how they see you and your wife love each other. The husband-wife relationship is their first schooling in love. It is the first lesson in community, in communication, in sacrifice and in service. To love your wife means to offer your life for her, every day.

8) Be Humble: In any relationship of service and authority, one quickly becomes aware of his or her own weaknesses. Don’t be afraid, accept it with humility; it is perhaps one of the greatest displays of authority that exists 

Week of June 12th, 2022:

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are Persons. And as Persons, They want to be known through a life of deep and intimate prayer. Praying to One Person, of course, is praying to all, since They are One God. But we are, nonetheless, called to a relationship of love with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And though our feeble minds may not be able to fully comprehend the essence of God, He will draw us deeper and deeper into a knowledge of Him if we let Him.

Reflect, today, upon the Most Holy Trinity. As you do, say a prayer to God asking for a deeper and more intimate knowledge of Him. Ask Him to communicate to you His divine love and to open your mind and heart to a deeper understanding of Who He is. Try to humble yourself before the great Mystery of the inner life of God. Humility before the Mystery of God means that we know how little we know about Him and how little we know of Him. But that humble truth will help you move closer to the deeper relationship of love to which you are called. 

You can pray: Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, please draw me into a relationship of love with You Who are one God and three divine Persons. May the mystery and beauty of Your life become more known and loved by me each day through the gift of transforming mystical prayer. Jesus, I trust in You.

Week of June 5th, 2022:

Each year on Pentecost, before the Gospel is proclaimed, we hear the Pentecost Sequence. The Church uses the sequences to help us understand the great purposes of the event being celebrated. These holy words are both memorable and worth prayerfully meditating upon as we celebrate Pentecost this June. Are you up to
the challenge this year? You could use the entire month of June to immerse yourself in the Sequence. Ask the Holy Spirit for His help!

Come, Holy Spirit, come! And from Your celestial home shed a ray of light divine!
Come, Father of the poor! Come, source of all our store. Come, within our bosoms shine.
You, of comforters the best; You, the soul’s most welcome guest; Sweet refreshment here below;
In our labor, rest most sweet; Grateful coolness in the heat; solace in the midst of woe.
O most blessed Light divine, may that light within us shine; and our inmost being fill!
Where you are not, we have naught, nothing good in deed or thought, nothing free from taint and ill.
Heal our wounds, our strength renew; on our dryness pour your dew; wash the stains of guilt away:
Bend the stubborn heart and will; melt the frozen, warm the chill; guide the steps that go astray.
On the faithful, who adore and confess you, evermore, in Your sevenfold gift descend;
Give them virtue’s sure reward; give them Your salvation, Lord; give them joys that never end. 

Family, let us together beg the Holy Spirit to descend upon us anew

Week of May 29th, 2022:

-The Ascension of the Lord: 
It was necessary that Jesus ascended into Heaven so that the Holy Spirit could come to be with us. Referring to him as “the Advocate,” Jesus told His disciples that when He returned to His Father, He would send the Holy Spirit to be with them. Ten days after the Ascension, the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples on Pentecost, as Jesus had promised. The Holy Spirit helped the Twelve to evangelize and share the Gospel. He’s still with us today to share His gift with us. Because we are Jesus’ disciples too, the Holy Spirit still helps us to stay rooted in Christ.  

However, this doesn’t mean that Jesus no longer abides with us. He promised to be with us always, and we can still find Him even though he doesn’t physically walk with us. The most obvious place where we can find Him is in the Eucharist. In the Blessed Sacrament, we find His true presence as He gives us the gift of His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. More than this, we can still feel Him with us at home, at work, at school, and wherever we go. We might not be able to see Him, but this is where faith comes in. 

At first, the Ascension might seem like Jesus is leaving us to stay in Heaven, but this isn’t the case. He returned to His Father to give us the grace to continue His ministry. By sending the Holy Spirit and imparting the Great Commission, we continue to know, love, and serve Him while helping others to do the same. Disciples eventually resemble their disciple, so by following Jesus, we become like Him

Week of May 22nd, 2022:

When love, respect and devotion to our Blessed Lady declines, and when prayers to seek her intercession are abandoned or decreased, there will be a serious loss to the world as well as to the Church. Never will the Church sanction the downgrading of devotion to Mary, the lack of honor paid to her for centuries and the failure to turn to her in our spiritual and temporal needs.

When men lose their sense of spiritual values, when they loosen their moral standards, when indulgence of the flesh and passions become the order of the day, it is only natural that they find it hard to keep Mary in their hearts and minds.

When their faith in the divinity of Christ fades under the attack of worldliness, pride, self-will, indifference and a sinful life, they lose their understanding of the place of Mary in the scheme of God’s plan for men. Conversely, a tender and faithful love of the Blessed Virgin cultivates a strong and abiding faith, strengthens the will against evil, and enlightens the mind to grasp eternal truth as taught by Christ.

The history of the Church shows a religious and moral decay when devotion to Mary, imitation and reverence of her suffer and decline, both in nations & individuals.
Where she is loved and honored, Christ holds sway. Countless individuals, saints and sinners, testify in past and present that through Mary is a sure path for men that they may have life.

-Bishop Robert F. Joyce

Week of May 15th, 2022

How does Mary Help us as our Spiritual Mother? Mary is our Mother. Before Jesus died on the cross, he saw Mary and one of His disciples before Him. He said to Mary, “Woman, behold your son.” To His disciple He said, “Behold, your mother.” (John 19: 26 & 27) He assigned John to watch over and protect Mary. The Catholic Church also looks at this even as Jesus giving Mary to all believers as our Mother. She is also the Mother of the Church.

Mary is an example of faith for us-of steady, unwavering faith and of faithful service. Out of all the women in the history of the entire world, she was chosen to be the mother of our Savior. That says a lot about her right there! She should have our respect from this alone. 

The love and care Jesus shows to Mary is an example of how we can show her love and respect as well. For example, she has appeared many times on earth to give a message to us. If Jesus did not hold her in high esteem, he would not allow her to come to earth to talk with us. Whenever she does talk with those on earth, it is to send a message to repent, to turn away from sin, and to love God more.

We can ask Mary for prayers just as we ask family and friends to pray for us. Mary Loves Jesus. She wants everyone to know and love Him, too. Mary comes to our aid as our mother to help us and to point the way to her Son. 

Think of the times she has appeared on earth. She has told people to turn away from sin, to pray the Rosary, to pray for sinners, and to pray for peace. She has told us that her Son is very much offended by the sins of people. She asks us to pray and repent. God allowed her to come to deliver these messages to us. He did not have to do that. But, God loves us and He loves His mother, so He allows her to help us.

Week of May 8th, 2022

Dear St Edward Family Members:
Did you know our school is the only catholic school in Harrison County? I am thankful to all the teachers, principal, staff, and parishioners for making it happen. All new students are welcome. Registration already began in school with the new tuition rate for the coming academic year in place. If you know of any students interesting in attend our wonderful school, please send their parents our way.

Since our staffing is very limited, the office time is very limited. The office time beginning June 1 will be: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am - 1:00pm. Because of the financial struggle of the parish, unfortunately, I had to cut back on our expenses. I had to cut back the hours for our music ministry. Dr. Laytart will not be playing on Saturdays until further notice. If we are still short on funds, I may have to take other necessary steps.

Congratulations to all the First Holy Communicants and to their parents.

As we are preparing for our Ice Cream Social, please support this great event. There will be delicious meals, a silent auction, and many children’s games. Please support us so that we can raise funds for the operational costs of the school. During this month of May, I strongly recommend you to pray the Rosary daily in your homes.
God Bless,
Fr. Niby

Week of May 1st, 2022

As we live our simple, hidden, prayerful, hard-working lives, let us take the hand of Our Blessed Mother. She too lived a simple, hidden, prayerful and hard-working life. Let us relate to her all our desires for greatness. Let us listen to her as she shares with us the secrets of the Sacred Heart of Jesus aout nobility, hiddenness, suffering, prayer, and holiness. Let us listen to her as she shares about the sancity of St. Joseph. Let us ponder the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary and model our own world in such a way that we resemble our Mother. 

In this month of May, let us ask Our Lady's intercession, that our hearts would more fully embrace the way of holiness. Through her prayers, may our hearts and homes become new Nazareths, places where Jesus will live, love, pray and work. 

May is also a time to celebrate the life and dignity of each and every person-from those still in the womb to those at the end of life. 




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