St. Edward Catholic Church activities, events & organizations contacts

Altar Society                                  Peggy McCloskey         234.1800

Alumni Association                          Dan Furnish               588.3093

Bereavement Committee                 Helen Whitaker         234.4217

Board of Total Catholic Education     pending

CCD/religion classes (1 – 8)            church office             234.5444

Cemetery                                      Johnny Schreiber        235.8533

Choir                                             Beth Laytart              234.5444

Church cleaners                              church office             234.5444

Communion to the homebound        church office              234.5444

Extraordinary ministers of Communion church office          234.5444

Face Book page                               Kayleigh Evans         298.5932

Finance Council                               Chuck Duffy

Food Pantry                                    JoLynn Perraut        298.1629

Gardeners                                      church office           234.5444

Ice Cream Social                              church office            234.5444

Knights of Columbus                        John Merz                606.584.4879

Lector                                            church office           234.5444

Mailings                                          church office           234.5444

Parents Club                                    Megan Gasser          588.1491 or

Summer Skinner      588.2486

Parish Council                                  pending

Rosary leaders                                  church office           234.5444

St. Edward Preschool Program            Kim Biddle                234.5444

St. Edward School                             Debbie Henson         234.2731

St. Edward Trouble Shooters               church office            234.5444

Virtus Trained Volunteers                   Mary Grable             234.6541

Updated June, 2017