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Lectors are required to be Virtus trained volunteers and participate in a diocesan training to begin their service.


Procedures for Lectors – Ministers of the Word

The Liturgy of the Word must be celebrated in such a way as to promote meditation.  For this reason, any kind of haste which impedes recollection must be clearly avoided.  Brief moments of silence are appropriate during the liturgy. Such moments of silence are to be observed after the first reading, the psalm response and the second reading.

To prepare:  Please begin to read over and reflect upon the Scripture readings several days before the Sunday you are scheduled to lector.  This will help you to be familiar with the passages.  If helpful, please take a missalette home for your convenience.

Before Mass: To avoid any last minute confusion, PLEASE arrive in the sacristy at least 10 minutes before Mass begins.  This allows time if there are any last minute instructions.

Please check the location of the readings to be proclaimed.  After you have located the readings place the lectionary on the pulpit before Mass begins.  Also place the petitions on the pulpit shelf after you have reviewed them.

New church directives now indicate that the lectionary is not to be carried in procession. ***During the seasons of Christmas and Easter and on other feast days we may carry in the Book of the Gospels.  In this case, the lector will carry in the Book of the Gospels and place it on the altar or the Gospel stand.

Entrance procession:  The lector walks in the entrance procession behind the altar servers.   When arriving at the foot of the altar, the lector genuflects (or bows if a genuflection is difficult) and then takes his/her seat in the first pew.

F.Y.I.  There are no genuflections during the celebration of Mass.

***If the Book of the Gospels is used, the lector elevates slightly the book as he/she advances to the altar.  The book is placed on the altar or the Gospel stand and then takes his/her seat in the congregation.

At Mass:  After the opening prayer the lector advances to the pulpit and begins the First Reading.   Please use the words printed in the lectionary.  “A reading from ...”  not  “The first reading is a reading from...”   

You are asked to read with expression, occasionally looking at the congregation as you are able.  Remember you are proclaiming to those in the last pew as well as the first.

After the First Reading, please wait for 30 seconds before you begin the Responsorial Psalm. After the psalm is completed, please wait another 30 seconds before proceeding with the Second Reading.  Moments of silence are to be observed so that the congregation may have time to reflect on what was just proclaimed.

If the Responsorial Psalm is sung, the lector may be seated during the Psalm.  

When finished with the Second Reading leave the lectionary open.  The celebrant will proclaim the Gospel from the lectionary. 

***If the Book of the Gospels is used, please place the lectionary on the pulpit shelf so that the Book of Gospels can be placed on the pulpit for the proclamation of the Gospel.

The Gospel Acclamation is almost always sung.

Petitions:  If a deacon is not present, the lector reads the petitions.  The lector should be at the pulpit before the Creed ends.  The celebrant begins his introduction to the petitions then the lector reads each petition.  When the petitions are finished, please remain at the pulpit until the celebrant concludes with a prayer.  When finished, the lector may sit with family members in the body of the church.

End of Mass:  The lector does not process out at the conclusion of Mass.

THANK YOU for your preparation in proclaiming God’s word to the people of St. Edward’s Parish.  Your cooperation and efforts are much appreciated!

Adapted from the Bishops Committee on the Liturgy.  

February, 2005